DE Term Life Insurance Rate – The Delaware Laws’ 1 Hidden Surprise That Could Destroy Your Low Rate

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With many life insurance companies now offering their term policies online many people simply shop around at the various companies and then make a decision that fits their budgets. Most people never pay attention to where their company is located; they are only interested in rate and the amount of coverage provided by the policy.

This means that if you purchase a policy from a company located in California that you may not get all the benefits that are specific to Delaware.

Delaware Complexities

Whether you just moved to Delaware or have been here you whole life you probably are aware of some of the growing complexities of the states laws. Just as Delaware is a growing state with an increasingly complex society, so to are the various types of term life insurance options available in our great state.

Delaware Term Life Laws and Regs

Every state has its own peculiar laws and rags that govern life insurance. A few of the laws specific to Delaware include the states “free look’ period whereby you get a minimum of 10 days to change your mind after signing on your life insurance. If you exercise your rights during this period you are legally entitled to a complete refund of all paid premiums. Most companies extend this “free look period” to 30 days so look at your contract to be certain.

Additionally, aside from a free trial period all Delaware residents enjoy the privilege of a payment grace period. This means that you have a 31-day grace period to make late payments on any payment except the first payment. This is an extra peace of mind that allows you to rest assured that your policy cannot be cancelled as long as your payment is made within 31 days from the due date on your contract.

Also Delaware has gone to great lengths to assure that you and your loved ones will get the benefits you paid for even if the insurance company goes under. The Delaware Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association created in 1982 will compensate you if your company declares bankruptcy or becomes insolvent for any reason. The limits of your coverage are as follows: the reimbursement for a single death benefit may not exceed $300,000 per insured individual or $100,000 in net cash. These are the limits per individual even if a person holds multiple policies the maximum will be $300,000 or $100,000 accordingly. Its not much but its nice to know it is there.

Here’s where geography comes into play – in order to get coverage under Delaware Life and Health Insurance Guarantee Association your insurer must be licensed in Delaware and payments on your policy must be up to date.


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